September 26, 2016

Leggy Girl Linda

leggy linda 01 1024x685 Leggy Girl Linda

Linda loves to be used. She and her husband are members here at my site and as they live close to my place it’s no problem to meet. Linda is an elegant woman. And she is a very submissive woman in private. She is very slim with small breasts with nipples that are always pointy and hard and extremely sensitive. Her pussy is hairy, slightly trimmed and she has told me she is always wet. Her ass is fantastic, small round and very firm. When she has high heels on and is naked, from behind you can see that her pussy is wet and open even before she bends over. To be fucked standing from behind she only has to push her ass back and up a little, you can then enter her withour problem. Especially as she most cetainly will be dripping wet. Her husband loves to lend Linda to friends for their pleasure. They have told me that when they entertain people at their place John, Linda’s husband, always provides a treat. Even if the friends are couples John has Linda walk around in only high heels, stay ups and initially a see through short dress, no panties, no bra. All guests are encouraged to caress Linda whenever, wherever they want. As some women are bisexual Linda gets lots of attention. Then, later in the evening she has to stand in front of all friends and take off her dress. Linda told me that at this point her nipples are rock hard and everyone can see that her pussy is dripping wet. During the next hours Linda sits with different couples, sits between the man and the woman and they can do whatever they want to her. The evening normally ends by Linda licking the women that wants to be licked in the bedroom or in front of the others, and then she is fucked by most men in front of everybody. While people talk and enjoy the drinks the men, one after the other fuck her bent over a table just beside the others. The only thing her husband gets that nobody else does is getting a nice BJ. So while his wife is fucked John has Linda suck his dick and swallows. The first time I met Linda and John he had her show how submissive she is, in front of me, a stranger she had just met, she gave her husband a blowjob, her mouth never leaving his cock, and she swallowed it all. These 500+ pics are from two meetings with Linda, John phoned me and asked if I wanted to use Linda without him present. One hour later she came over first time and we played for several hours. A week later she was back. Members please enjoy my 500+ selected private pics.

leggy linda 02 768x1024 Leggy Girl Linda

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September 19, 2016

Leggy Girl Gwen

gwen01 1280 680x1024 Leggy Girl Gwen

Gwen is a lovely beautiful shy woman. And she loves when men admire her body, and get horny. She’s got a perfect slim body with lovely sensitive breasts and her ass is perfect, small, firm. When she took on pantyhose the first time in front of me I was struck how beautiful she is! She told me she’s very shy but at the same time loves sex. And wants to experience everything, at least once. I had her at my place a couple of late afternoons and she showed me her lovely body and how horny she is.

* * *

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September 12, 2016

Secretary In Pantyhose And Stockings Layers

1d Secretary In Pantyhose And Stockings Layers

pantyhose and stockings layers wearing secretary

so secretary paige loves to wear her nylons to work. its her biggest fetish, the feeling of sheer pantyhose and sexy silk stockings against her legs, and this hot little blonde secretary just loves to hop on up on her business desk and lift her suit skirt up around her waist and show off her sexy pantyhose and stockings legs and stiletto spike high heels and just hope that her boss is gonna walk on in on her and catch this naughty officegirl playing with her pussy through her sexy tights

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September 5, 2016

Leggy Girls presents Leggy Simone

Leggy Simone in black Fishnets and Platform Heels

leggy simone Leggy Girls presents Leggy Simone

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August 29, 2016

Secretary In White Stockings Attends An Interview

nov5 Secretary In White Stockings Attends An Interview

secretary in white stockings at an interview

I was interviewing for a new secretary and it had nearly reached the end of the week with no likely successful candidates. There was just one to go, a Lucy Zara, whose CV certainly looked impressive and seemed as if she would do pretty well for the job, but I had to wait and see. The company’s receptionist, Abigail, put her head around the office door to tell me that Miss Zara was waiting and asked if she should show her in. I agreed and sat back to watch the view of natashas sexy ass as she walked away from me. A twenty two year old gorgeous blonde, natashas was the kind of person who brightened up any office with her presence, especially when she walked the other way and gave a view of her perfect round bum. I probably wasn’t the only guy in the office who’d wondered what it would be like to fuck that sweet ass.

It’s not that I deliberately hired a sexy slut to work as the receptionist, she was perfectly qualified for the job, although perhaps subconsciously I favoured her above other candidates. It’s just that, having hired her, I found it hard not to stare with that cute ass and sexy legs always encased in sheer nylons, and always in my face whenever she came by my office. In the same sense, I couldn’t help staring at the gorgeous creature who walked in after her and think that maybe she was in fact the perfect candidate for the secretary job.

Lucy Zara was absolutely stunning in every way. Tall, taller than I was, and with an hourglass figure, narrow waist and huge tits that were practically bursting out of her blouse. This was a woman who couldn’t look restrained, repressed and unformal, however she dressed. Even given that fact, her outfit was a hugely sexy turn-on look. She was dressed completely in the style of a stereotype sexy secretary; tight, figure hugging dress, covering her thighs and the rest of her long legs in shear white lace top stockings, five inch heels on her feet. She had blonde hair, pouting lips that any man longed to see around his dick and blue eyes behind rimless glasses.

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August 22, 2016

Laggy Lana plays with her slave

I’m curious about slave training sessions I’ve heard about,so decided to give it a try.My dominatrix is a bossy Mistress,dressed in red pvc dress and thigh boots.She knows my background,so wastes no time in spanking me into submission,ordering me to lick her boots.She takes it further by ordering me to suck cock,holding my head so I nearly choke on it and proceeds by using it on me,making the fucking machine go faster and faster.I will never forget my session with this demanding Mistress….

milf Laggy Lana plays with her slave

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August 15, 2016

Upskirt Pantyhose Views Secretary Video

nov1 Upskirt Pantyhose Views Secretary Video

pantyhose upskirt views secretary tease

I was sitting across this woman, who appeared to be in her thirtiess and was dressed like a secretary. She had on a miniskirt and barely black pantyhose that were sheer, which were becoming fashionable at the time, and black high heel pumps. I was mesmerized by her long legs and how beautiful the curves of her thighs, legs and ankles were.

Due to the motion of the train, she had fallen asleep and therefore unaware that her skirt had risen, showing the inside of her pantyhose thighs. I was riveted as her legs would part, exposing more and more.

The sunlight coming through the subway car window hit her legs, causing her black colored pantyhose to shine. Seeing that no one was else was around I slunk down in my seat to get a better view. My cock hardening as I saw all the way up her thighs. Because of the sunlight I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties, her pussy was exposed. I enjoyed this view until she abruptly woke up and got off the train.

It was a priceless moment. I remember jerking off to the thought of her legs and pussy; imagining just how nice it would have felt to touch her. Years later, as I joined the work force and had to take the subway to and from work. I developed a fetish; I loved to rub and grope unsuspecting women. The crowded NYC subway system facilitated my “hobbie” quite well. I would roam the subway system during rush hours in search for a woman to my liking.

I found that the best place for the “hunt”, as I called it, was at the 59th Street station on Lexington Ave. Not only was it extremely crowded but since it was a hub for connecting trains and being in Midtown Manhattan the women were spectacular! There were secretaries, office types, nurses with short white uniforms, you name it. It was heaven for me!

Secretaries In Pantyhose Teasing At Office Girls

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August 8, 2016

Leggy Tiffany Preston in a black Fishnet Suit

Here I am guys in a sexy business woman outfit after a hard day of work in my wedding boutique deciding to show you what I got under my uniform. I love to wear a nice black fishnet suit under ma casual clothes, that make me feel all wet and wild. Enjoy my big tits and round ass guys!

11 Leggy Tiffany Preston in a black Fishnet Suit

Leggy Tiffany Preston in a black Fishnet Suit

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August 1, 2016

Upskirt Stockings And Panties While Driving

151209 Upskirt Stockings And Panties While Driving

upskirt stockings and panties while driving

It all started when my husband’s company decided to transfer him. We moved from a small town where everyone knew everyone to Washington D.C. When we first moved to D.C. we deceided to rent an apartment until we became familiar with the area and could find time to look for a house.

My first week in D.C. and I was stuck with unpacking and moving us into the apartment while Dan was at work. Dan gave me a call on the second day and asked me to meet him for lunch with his boss. I decieded to wear a nice skirt with a tank top to show off my figure with 3″ heels. I met Dan and his boss Alan at a Pub right around the corner from their office. Little did I know how attractive Alan would be. As I sat next to Alan I learned that his wife Ellen dabbled in real estate. He called her on his cell phone and asked her if she would show me some houses. I was really shocked at how nice Alan and his wife Ellen seemed to be and Dan thought that this would be great since he would be working such long hours over the next several weeks.

Ellen was to meet me at the apartment tomorrow at 11:00 to take me to several new neighborhoods that were being developed. I decieded to dress in a knee legneth blue dress with white pantihose and blue 3″ heels. When she knocked on my door I about fell over with how beautiful she was. She could have been a model for Playboy. She looked to be about 32 years old and about 5′10″ with long blonde hair, her breast had to have been at least a 38D with a waist smaller than mine. She was wearing a short black miniskirt and a tight white blouse with black stockings and 5″ heels. I was completely mesmerized.

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July 25, 2016

Cute Blonde Girl in black Stilettos

Time for another hot Update here at Leggy Girls . Today a cute Blonde Girl shows off in a Pantyhose and black Stilettos .

1 Cute Blonde Girl in black Stilettos

Cute Blonde Girl in black Stilettos

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