May 30, 2016

Leggy Milf Abigail Fraser

Leggy Milf Abigail Fraser in Bondage

leggy lady1 Leggy Milf Abigail Fraser

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May 23, 2016

Strict Female Boss In Business Suit And Red Stockings

nov2 Strict Female Boss In Business Suit And Red Stockings

dom female boss teases in suit and red stockings

Ross heard his boss’ voice down the hall. He couldn’t make out the muffled words but could tell she was closing in on him fast. Breaking himself from his daydream, he shook the mouse on his computer to remove the screen saver. A spread sheet popped up just as the boss rounded the corner with her assistant. Ross hunched over to make it look like he’d been closely studying the screen.

“Hello, Ross,” the boss said.

Ross spun on his swivel chair and rubbed his eyes, as if they were strained from hours of analyzing numbers. When he looked up, the boss was standing uncomfortably close to him, as she usually did.

“Hello, Mrs. Michaels,” he said.

The first thing he noticed was her scent, which never failed to knock Ross off guard. Mrs. Michaels wore an expensive French perfume that he recognized from a peel-and-sniff ad in Vanity Fair.

Lisa Michaels was a beautiful woman who knew how to use her sex appeal to get what she wanted. It was simple with Ross. All she had to do was talk to him. He became a stammering mess. Authority figures and sexy women always made him nervous. Merge the two into one and it was more than he could take.

Ross had to work hard not to stare at his boss’ tits. Even under her business suit, they looked huge — a F cup at least, he though. She wore sheer silky red stockings and a short skirt that revealed her stocking tops, she left the top three buttons of her top undone, exposing the top of a bra Ross forced himself to look higher. His eyes slowly moved up to the pearl necklace hanging elegantly around her neck. He made himself keep going until he reached Mrs. Michaels’ deep, brown eyes. Her gaze always left him wondering if she wanted to fire him or fuck him.

Sexy Bosses In Sheer Silk Stockings At Office Girls

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May 16, 2016

Leggy Lana playing in Pink

I’m all by myself tonight and in the mood to play.So I put on my pink babydoll slip,sheer pantyhose and pink high heels and lay back in the chair,running my hands over the pantyhose,my nails digging into the silky nylon,turning me on.I slip my shoe on and off,enjoying the sensation and dig my fingers into my pantyhose crotch,feeling the wetness sipping through it.I imagine your tongue there and get so horny that I plunge my vibrator deep into my pussy,my pantyhose pushing against it,keeping it deep inside while I play with my nipples.My pussy dripping wet now as I plunge it deep inside me,my orgasm taking over in big powerful waves

leggy lady Leggy Lana playing in Pink

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May 9, 2016

pantyhose and panties upskirt teen on the stairs

291209 pantyhose and panties upskirt teen on the stairs

upskirt panties and pantyhose teen on the stairs

Sir, you will see as I lay back I am drawing my knees up very high and pushing my feet back close to my bum as the old man did on Friday.” The boss looks fascinated as Jenny’s tight and ultra short skirt rides up high on to her olive complexion stomach, revealing for him a sight he never thought possible.

The upskirt position the boss sees Jenny in exposes the silky smooth hairless high pubic mound above her bulging pussy inside the transparent material of her black pantyhose so sheer it is like looking through clear glass. The boss leans forward for a closer look seeing how this most private part of his young teen office girl is thrust upwards, hiding nothing.

Like the old man on Friday, her boss can hardly believe his luck. as he stares at the tantalising sight of the superb teenage cameltoe Jenny displays rather proudly now through her black pantyhose for his unexpected pleasure. The stitching of the paper thin g-string clings so tight around the base of her outer vulva lips that it squeezes her pussy into a tight arching high curved shape as though her pussy is about to burst through the flimsy see-through material. He stares in wonderment, then recollects himself.

“What did he do next,” he asks Jenny, not wishing to take his eyes off her swollen pussy lips.” You must now spread my legs wide apart and run your hands around my knees. Then lift one leg at a time up as high as possible without bending the knee, push them separately as far back as possible and compare the flexibility of both knees” Her boss didn’t waste time following the instructions. “So this is what he did?”

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May 2, 2016

Leggy Girls

Time for a hot Update here on Leggy Girls . Today i have two blonde Leggy Girls showing the hottest High Heels Legs and Nylons . One of this sexy Babes is Daviana . Davina is absolutely lovely and even prettier when wearing high heels. She adores expensive patent leather shoes and knows that they show off her legs to the fullest advantage. She has been with us at stiletto girl since 2008 and wears some of her favourite high heels for you in a selection of gallery pictures and videos.

leggy girl 01 Leggy Girls leggy girl 02 Leggy Girls

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April 25, 2016

Hot Wife Rio is a leggy Milf

HotWifeRio gets dressed in her favorite stockings and jerks off a huge cock

hot wife rio Hot Wife Rio is a leggy Milf

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April 18, 2016

Big Tits Blonde Stunning Secretary Exposes At The Office In Sexy Black Pantyhose

040110 Big Tits Blonde Stunning Secretary Exposes At The Office In Sexy Black Pantyhose

secretary with huge tits and black pantyhose spreads her long legs at the office

Everyone thought zoe was a hot piece of ass.

Mark was one of those bosses who inspired – how should I put it – “respect” among his workforce. He knew what he wanted, and he made sure you got it done. It was kind of a double-edged sword. Some days you were edgy about going into work because you knew he was going to give you a hard time over a piece of work you’d done; other times you’d feel really great because you were part of a winning team – and the rest of the business knew it.

But it was a pretty good day at work the day gail arrived for her interview as the team administrator. It was a pretty lowly position and we’d seen a trail of spotty young guys and dowdy young women going in and out of Mark’s office all morning. Most of them looked pretty shaken by Mark’s tough interviewing style – and in this, at least, rita was no exception. She came out of his office clearly trying to hold her head up and keep her composure, but she was shaking slightly and looked a little paler than when she went in. But gail stood out from the other interviewees in certain other respects. She was about 5′6″ and taller in her black sexy sheer pantyhose and black patent leather stilletos. She was wearing a red skirt suit which was professional enough – but amply showed off the curve of her hips and shapely legs. And – even more interesting to the men in the room, I suspected – her breasts were pleasingly full and presented very attractively by (what I imagined must have been) her underwired bra from one of those stores that cater for the “bigger-busted woman”. I wondered if she had deliberately opened one more button than usual on her blouse that day in the hope that it might swing the job for her – or whether she noticed my colleagues (and, I must confess, myself) checking her out. What I am sure of is that every single one of the guys was checking out her arse and pantyhose legs as she went through the door and it closed behind her.

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April 11, 2016

hot brunette schoolgirl in grey pantyhose in class

060110 hot brunette schoolgirl in grey pantyhose in class

hot schoolgirl in sheer sexy grey pantyhose in class

Kylie had just begun her last year at school. She liked the idea of some of the privileges she would have in the sixth form but was not happy about having to still wear the school uniform. However, she was a positive and intelligent girl and would look on the bright side — “One more year of study, get my GCSEs and I can wear what ever I like”, she thought as she walked home from school on her first day back. She wanted to be still on her summer holidays, back in Wales with Emma swimming with the dolphins and going round the clubs at night. She didn’t want to be at stupid school with the stupid teachers doing stupid lessons. She felt like a young woman, why did the teachers treat her like a kid? It made her so angry. Kylie wanted to be free not shackled.

She got within two hundred yards of her house and it started to rain. Not torrential but enough to make her run the last bit. She ran down her path and felt in her bag for the key. She couldn’t find it — then she remembered she left it on the hook in the kitchen after she had taken the rubbish out that morning. ‘Fuck it!’, she shouted as she realised her predicament. Her Mum would not be home for two hours and the rain was getting heavier. She could only think of going next door and seek shelter. She had a new neighbour — she had seen him briefly over the fence the previous week and he seemed OK. She wouldn’t go the other side, that was an oldish man who gave her the creeps.

She hurried round to her neighbour’s house and knocked on the door. Andrew was 38 and was inside writing some emails for work and was not expecting any visitors so was surprised by Kylie’s loud ‘tap tap tap

‘Flipin heck, who’s this?’ He murmured as he went to answer the door. He was shocked when he saw the girl. He had a thing about the school uniform. He knew it was wrong. He often went for a run at tea time, just to see the older schoolgirls in their short skirts and grey sheer sexy pantyhose. He was only looking; he would never approach one of them. Now he had one of his muses on his own doorstep.

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January 7, 2016

hot British MILF strip and masturbate on the sofa in her naughty nylon stockings

Sexy British MILF Cindys husband is working away and, dressed in her black stockings, she spends the day dreaming about fucking her neighbour.

milf hot British MILF strip and masturbate on the sofa in her naughty nylon stockings

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December 31, 2015

Sheer slip, girdle and stocking tease

Time for a Hot Update here on Leggy Girls . Today i have a Brunette Milf babe posing in a Sheer Slip and Stockings for you ,Enjoy

leggy girl Sheer slip, girdle and stocking tease

Sheer slip, girdle and stocking tease

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