November 21, 2016

Leggy Brunette Girl Veronica

veronica1 300x200 Leggy Brunette Girl Veronica veronica2 300x200 Leggy Brunette Girl Veronica

A friend of mine introduced me to Veronica. And told me she knew that Veronica is very submissive and very very horny. Soon I had Veronica visiting me at my place. She came over one afternoon as I had told her I was a photographer and she had agreed to let me take some photos of her. She loved being in front of the camera and soon admitted that it made her horny. She came over several times and each time she had dressed to impress me. Always in stay ups or pantyhose, always in short skirts, sometime dressed elegantly like above, sometime dressed like a slut in short latex skirt. I loved playing with her and I soon realized this woman needs to be fucked several times a day. And that her favorite is to meet a Man that fucks her whenever he wants, only for his own pleasure. Just having her skirt come up, rip open her pantyhose and fuck her standing from behind until he ejaculates deep inside her. Or having her giving him a blow job, having her swallow it all. Then allowing her to masturbate in front of him until she orgasms. As I played with her, manhandled her, used her, on pics and videos, Veronica’s body was trembling and she was moaning and her pussy was flowing and her nipples were rock hard. When she is horny her body is so sensitive to touch. She told me that if she’s very horny and sucka a hard cock, if she then has her nipples pinched she orgasms directly. One fantasy she told me, she wants to experience is to have a woman lick her to orgasm, then having semeral men fuck her and full her pussy with cum. Members enjoy my private pics and videos with Veronica.

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veronica3 Leggy Brunette Girl Veronica veronica4 Leggy Brunette Girl Veronica

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November 7, 2016

Leggy Girl Dorothy

dorothy 01 1024x685 Leggy Girl Dorothy

Dorothy is a beautiful woman that loves to fuck. She emailed me at told me she wanted to show men her body, wanted the to see her naked body. So here she is. This lovely woman needs lots of sex and told me she is always horny, always fantasizing about sex. That she loves to have sex with strangers, men she just have met, and will never meet again. She told me she once went over to her sisters place. Her sister was home with her boyfriend and he had four friends over for the evening. Her sister knows that Dorothy is submissive and loves to be used, so she had Dorothy go to the bedroom, take off her skirt and panties and told Dorothy to stand in the dark, bend over and push her ass up. Then each man came into the bedroom and fucked her, each of them filling her with cum. Using her. Dorothy told me the only thing that could have made it better would have been if she had been fucked by even more men. She came over to my place a couple of times and I used her good as she is submissive I also tied her. And she loved every moment of it. Members enjoy my private pics and videos with Dorothy.

dorothy 02 1024x685 Leggy Girl Dorothy

Dorothy told me she loves to have men look at her. She loves to wear a short skirt and stockings.

dorothy 03 1024x685 Leggy Girl Dorothy

And her she is undressed in pantyhos. I used my scissors and had them come off. I wanted this submissive slut naked! Click here to Join

dorothy 04 Leggy Girl Dorothy dorothy 05 Leggy Girl Dorothy

dorothy 06 Leggy Girl Dorothy dorothy 07 Leggy Girl Dorothy

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